BLE / Bluetooth Smart
Bluetooth Low Energy is one of the core technologies at the heart of the 'Internet of Everything'. It is already part of iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. Standardisation and power efficiency let you interact with all sorts of devices with manageable energy consumption
It helps in cementing mobile at the center of our lives - as remote control and dashboard for out world
iBeacons as nodes of mesh network
Bluetooth mesh network with extended iBeacon model, to inform and act upon a smartphone's precise location
Beacons are not about sharing their location, but about self-identification. You are the one to assign a specfic content to each beacon. Comparable app on your device will follow that assignment once you are around the beacon
Smart devices in range receive these signals, so compatible installed apps can respond. The exact form of that response - whether a notification or another action - is up to you
Innblue is iBeacon certified provider
Combined with Mesh
Nodes connected in self-healing network: 2-way data propagation
Sensors and activators
Rules-based action on events
User proximity
Low cost installation, configuration and low energy consumption
The following markets among many others will certainly be enhanced by the availability of coin-cell battery powered wireless products and sensors that use BLE technology:
Consumer Electronics
Health and Fitness
Smart Energy
Use-Cases / Solutions
Industrial automation - building security and access control
Service lifecycle management - plan and control maintenance, repair and overhaul
Shopping centers - proximity marketing and wireless payment, passbook passes
Exhibition centers - connected tooth, providing real-time data such as number of visitors
Resorts summer/winter - activity tracker, hotel area access, find-me
Wearables - smart objects and accessories
iBeacon is registered trademark of Apple Inc.
Bluetooth Smart is registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG